We Find The Perfect Australian Virtual Assistant For You And Your Business

AustralianVirtualAssistants.com is the blog mothership for VAPlacements.com - it's where we share all sorts of information relating to how businesses and corporate offices can outsource traditional office-based work to professional, reliable Australian virtual assistants.

​We have built relationships with a lot of Australian virtual assistants - in fact, our team manages one of the largest networks of virtual assistants in the country. So we know the type of services Australian VAs offer, we know how they work with businesses, and we also provide guidance and mentorship to our VAs to help them attract, convert, and retain clients.

In a nutshell, we help you find the perfect VA for you and your business.​

We Are The Only Directory In Australia To Ask Our Virtual Assistants To Abide By A Strict Code Of Conduct

AustralianVirtualAssistants.com is our forum for sharing information specifically about how businesses can see growth when they decide to work or partner with virtual assistants. 

I suppose you could say we're advocates of the VA industry. And this is for a number of reasons and we talk about these reasons on our social media sites and in articles on this blog site.

Along with sharing the what's and why's of working with virtual assistants, we also have a directory that is comprised of professional and experienced VAs - all of which have agreed to our strict code of conduct.

We're the only VA directory in Australia to ask our VAs to abide by a code of conduct - and we're proud of that. All our VAs agree to show respect for a person's rights and dignity, maintain high levels of competence, are aware of their responsibilities as a VA, and promote integrity in all their dealings with clients.

We also hold our VAs accountable should evidence be presented that they have not kept to the code of conduct in any of their dealings with clients they obtain through VA Placements.

Check out our directory here at: www.vaplacements.com

We Provide Valuable Information For Businesses Looking To Find Their Perfect Virtual Assistant

We've been working in the virtual assistant industry for close to 10 years, so we know that it's BOOMING, we know that it's VIABLE, and we know that it WORKS for business owners and corporate offices that are looking to get help from an experienced professional but don't want to recruit employees.

Because we've been around for a few years, we also know how daunting it can be for a business owner to get started working with a virtual assistant for the first time. We have many, many FAQs on file (we might just post a few to this page one day, too) so we feel pretty confident that the information we share on our blog will be useful for those looking to work with a VA.

Read our articles on VA Placements to help you get started with your first, or your fifth, virtual assistant.

We Have 3000+ Professional Australian Virtual Assistants On Our Network

With one of the (if not THE) largest networks of professional Australian Virtual Assistants, we are confident that we can match you to a VA that suits your needs.

And we don't only grow our network without providing back to our members. We provide one-on-one mentoring, online training, live support, ​and are dedicated to helping VAs launch and grow their online businesses to the size and standard that they envisage. We work with them to pin point and define their business, collaborate with other Australian VAs, and set benchmarks and goals for their business's continual growth.

By providing a solid mentoring service to our VAs, we believe that helps businesses and corporates like YOU find the perfect VA to suit your individual needs. Whether you're looking for administration, strategic, or specialty support, we are confident we have a VA that can do the role you're looking to fill.​

Our Team Is Comprised Of Experienced Professionals Who Strive To Help Businesses Grow

Liz Parker, CEO 121 Temps & VA Placements

Liz Parker, was a previous CEO and Senior Manager with advanced IT skills and an accreditation in workplace assessing and training who gave up her 6 figure income to start 121Temps in 2007. Since then she has helped hundreds of virtual assistants and small business owners create successful businesses. Currently a business mentor with the Australian Businesswomens’ Network and Smart Business Forum her knowledge, experience and approach to innovation will help you create the business you want.

Storm McManus, Online Marketing & Communications Expert

Storm McManus is the owner and founder of VirtualStorm.com.au and she brings her 15+ years of marketing and communications experience to the VA Placements team. She helps clients find their perfect virtual assistant and works to match you with the right VA every time. Storm is also our communications strategist and manages our blogs, articles, training courses and social media.